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Frequently asked questions

01. How far in advance should I order my wedding rings?      

We advise you to plan ahead. The usual production period is between 7 and 14 days. In some cases, production may take longer for custom-designed rings. We always try to produce in the shortest possible time, and we can also produce products on a rush basis by special arrangement.

02. Is it likely that another jeweller will make the jewellery I found on your website for a lower price?

Yes and no. You may be able to get a slightly similar piece of jewellery cheaper from another jeweller, but it's impossible to replicate another jeweller's work 100%. So you won't be able to get exactly the same piece of jewellery elsewhere, either for less or for more. Each jeweller's style is individual and cannot be copied.

03. Can all gold jewellery be used to make wedding rings?

Yes, all are suitable, in a variety of finishes. This can include gold chains, bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, coins, dental gold etc.

04.How often can I take my product to the jeweller for renewal?

It is advisable to review your jewellery at least once a year and bring it to a jeweller: we can carry out a complete refurbishment to make your jewellery shine like new.

05. What is a threshold?

Threshold is the relative amount of precious metal in an alloy. For example, gold alloys with finenesses of 375°, 585°, 750° mean that 1000 parts by weight of an alloy contain 375°, 585°, 750° parts of pure gold.

06. How do I look after my wedding rings?

Wedding rings require the same care as other precious metal jewellery. First of all, it is important to consider: does the ring really need to be on the finger at all times? You may want to place the ring safely in a jewellery box when tidying up the house (using household chemicals), gardening, playing sports or similar situations, to minimise the risk of scratching and damage from chemicals. If you never take the ring off, try to do more of your work wearing gloves.

     The ring should be cleaned from time to time. This can be done at home with a very soft cloth and a gentle soapy water wash, but it is best to visit a jeweller and ask him to take professional care of the ring - not only to clean it, but also to check that the eyelets are holding firmly and that there are no other serious blemishes.

Jewellery is also affected by the make-up, perfume and hairspray you use. Always use these products first before you put on your earrings or other jewellery to minimise the negative effects;

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