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Delivery information
  • Delivery and return in Lithuania - FREE OF CHARGE.
  • The cost of delivery outside Lithuania is calculated individually depending on the customer's address, so please send us an enquiry and we will get back to you.
  • Delivery time 2-14 days after order payment. In individual cases, delivery may take longer. 
  • You can also pick up your order at the jewellery salon in Kaunas, K. Mindaugo g. 64-3 by arranging the date and time of collection in advance.


Delivery methods:

1. Pick-up at "MJ Juvelyrika" salon in Kaunas (Karaliaus Mindaugo g. 64-3)
2. Delivery to LP Express post offices.
3. Delivery by LP Express courier directly to your hand.

MJ Jewellery is not responsible for any additional charges for overseas orders. This is - client responsibility.


Information on the production process

- The rings are made individually for each client, according to the specific finger sizes of the bride and groom.
- You choose the width, shape, number of gemstones and ring pattern you want.
- Available in gold (red, white or yellow)
- We use new gold bullion or gold from the customer (Suitable for a wide range of discontinued jewellery such as: chains, rings, pendants, earrings, dental crowns, gold coins, etc.,).
- Each existing model can be customised according to your wishes.
- You can also bring a sketch of the rings you want.


How to order rings

- First, you find suitable ring models/designs
- By appointment, you come to us for a consultation. We can also consult you remotely, by text or call, on any matter.
- During the consultation, we discuss all your questions and if everything fits, we fill in the order slip and measure your finger sizes.
- We usually recommend that you come to us for a fitting before the rings are finished. If necessary, we will immediately make adjustments on the spot, i.e. increase or decrease.
- After priming, we finish your rings according to the ring design you have chosen.


Our contacts

Marius Jancevičius (Business License No AT073820-1)

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